Precautions to take while cleaning a TV screen

Here we are done cleaning the living room, and suddenly we stare at the screen of the TV, not knowing what products to use to clean a TV screen.

Choose the rigtht solution to clean TV screen

Because the application of certain products can deteriorate the screen and therefore the quality of the image, choosing the right solution to clean the screen matters.

TV screen cleaner kit

You cannot clean a TV screen, with any product or with any cloth, this can damage its screen!

Clean safely TV screen with Kutjo K-home cleaning kit

Instead consider using Kutjo K-home cleaning kit to safely clean your TV screen. Cleaning a screen must be done with some precautions, here are the steps to remove the layer of dust that covers the screen of your TV, turn off the TV, get a microfiber cloth, damp the cloth with Kutjo, and wipe the screen gently without pressing.

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